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Thunder Bay, Ontario
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This is a community for the pack of weirdo's affectionately referred to as "the locals". This is a place for us to talk about random things like parties we're planning, outings we're plannings, stuff like that so if you need the details in a crunch you don't have to scroll down the friends list, and non-locals don't have to deal with it in your proper journal.

Also talk about whatever else you want to that only has to do with us. Such as "Gee golly, I really hate that Gillian chick!" or "did anyone else notice our school hallways are haunted and random students keep dying?" or "we need to see a movie" or anything you want just locals to know.

Many of us no longer live in the Jolly Old Bay of Thunder, but I'm sure we all want to keep in touch and plot road trips and just generally be excellent to each other.