I'm on a BOAT!


yeah yeah yeah this is almost totally defunct now

also I know I'm going to be bombarded by "why the hell are you planning now christmas is forever away" posts...

but seriously? only 12 paydays till Christmas folks!!! less if you need to save up and buy plane tickets in that time and catch them on sale...

but I digress ON WITH THE POSTING!!!

who in the fucking hell is going to be in Tbay for zee holiday season? I know that we all seem to be living in a commune in southern ontario now (with the exception of one or two scattered elsewheres across the country *cough cough BC cough*)

I'm letting it be known that come hell, highwater, stampeding stallions, or empty bank accounts I will be HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

depending on who knows for certain that they will be in Tundra Bay I'd like to arrange a get together of fishbowlian proportions.

so tell me of your miserly plans...but I'll be in Ontario for the first time in over a year and I want to have some quality (read: drunk) time with my friends <3 you alllllllll
I&#39;m on a BOAT!


We all love cheesy musicals and excuses to dress in costume don't we?

We truely <3 opportunities to see things on biiiiig screens that we know ALLLLL of the words to!!! 

Theres a drive in movie night at the Murillo fair grounds, live band(s) and we get to watch grease as it was intended :P in a drive in *huzzah* You can dress like it's the 1950's too. If we got tickets in adv  (MURILLO VARIETY,FANTASY FALLS SHELL,SANTORELLI'S HUSKY,VALENTE'S , CD PLUS 345-8711 FOR MORE INFO) it's $25 for a car load or $35 at the gate. 

we're the fishbowl, how many can we cram into a car :P it's an idea for a sat night and it's cheaper than the bar :)

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Reading Week?

Mine is from February 19th to the 23rd. Does anyone else's coincide? Are people planning to mob Ottawa/elsewhere, and/or could I come visiting the GTA?
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Tea Party?

I keep hearing things in passing about Shannon having a tea party...
but know little more than that. I think I've been told to go, but not by shannon. Plus I have no idea when it is, and little idea as to where.

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Boxing Day hanging out!

So, who's still going Boxing Day shopping? And eating at Moxies? And watching movies/sauna-ing at Hannele's afterwards?
I tentatively propose meeting at Great Canadian Bagel. (Okay, fine, Hannele proposed it.)
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(no subject)

There be partying at Gerard's place tonight!

So if you haven't otherwise heard, now you know. So show up! Bring blankets if you plan to crash, and entertaining things.

It's on South algoma, 2somethingsomething, the house has a black sign for a scrapbooking store on the front, and is directly across the street from Mentor Computers. Only about a block away from where Algoma turns into Memorial.

Come! Party! Fun times will be had.
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(no subject)

I'm going to be arriving home on September 2nd. And will be there until the 10th (9th?).
So... whoever is in town, lets get some entertainment going!

I may do a gathering out at camp. And will want to go swimming anywhere as much as the weather permits.

Socialize with me people, I haven't been home in 9 months!
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Who would want to go river rafting this Sunday? Who wants to drive people?
I'll call the rental place tomorrow to get a better idea of times, but it would be most of the afternoon.
Cost is 12.50$ per person. 7$ for a cooler tube.
It's 3 hours to do the long run (which we usually do, I think).