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by creditor (creditor)
at August 19th, 2006 (12:26 pm)

Guys! the concert is first come first served type deal!

so, I say we head out for around 3 and get some decent patch of.. what do they even have there? better be grass. starts at 7.

by creditor (creditor)
at August 16th, 2006 (06:56 pm)

I just realized I told a bunch of people at the party that sam roberts was on friday, it's not! it's saturday at 7 says his myspace, I got my numbers confused.

Anyways, would anyone fancy seeing snakes on plane before the concert? or on friday?

also I vote for a new layout here, we look like goths!
we wouldn't want that now would we!? we need something fey.

by ranic_dorson (ranic_dorson)
at August 9th, 2006 (02:53 pm)

current location: Home (finally)
current mood: happy

I'm Back!
Well I guess I'll make a post about all the awsome adventures I had while I was away (but that'll happen later on) right now I've been informed that my folks are leaving town again (mom is leaving for a year, dad is going with her for 2 weeks to help her settle in... guess this means I'll need to plug in my webcam and add her to my MSN....).

So we all know what this means, house is open for fun and excitement. I'll do better this time around at posting activities and contacting people... last time the house was empty me and simon sat around with our computers for about a week straight. So yeah this friday my parents leave and I'm pretty sure that we'll have two weeks. Going to try to get things started on monday the 14th.

siphonophorae [userpic]
party party party 14th.
by siphonophorae (ameinias)
at July 9th, 2006 (01:37 pm)

party info?Collapse )

siphonophorae [userpic]
by siphonophorae (ameinias)
at July 7th, 2006 (04:51 pm)

I am having some trouble arranging for this party. This is was I can figure:

Gerard gets in on the 12th.
Shivaun gets in on the 14th.
Saille leaves on the 19th, so I was hpping to have it before then.

however, Krysta (and others, I'm sure) would prefer a weekend, but there's no weekend between when Shivaun arrives and Saille leaves.
Also, Shannon says she's not getting in until the 22nd? (I lost this MSN convo.)

It looks like for maximun attendance al least of the people I've polled, it should be on the 16th and 17th.... I could have it on the 17th and 18th (and 19th? how long do you guys want to be out here?) which will give the first night for saille to be there, and the second for Krysta and anyone else who has to work during the week... unfornately Shannon still couldn't come, but maybe someone else could through a smaler party later in the month?

deskripsi.ekspresi.konsiderasi [userpic]
Movies this weekend?
by deskripsi.ekspresi.konsiderasi (flutterbyz)
at July 6th, 2006 (04:28 pm)
current song: Amélie Soundtrack (so adorable!)

Amanda and I want to get a whole bunch of people out to the movies this weekend! So far things are sort of confined to Sunday evening by various people's work schedules, but it's all still up for debate. Let me know if you want in! We're thinking Pirates of the Carribean?

siphonophorae [userpic]
by siphonophorae (ameinias)
at June 24th, 2006 (06:34 pm)
current location: toronto

I'm going to be in Thunder Bay sometime between August 4th and Sept 1st for a few weeks, and so of course I would like to throw a party for a day or two! I sort of want to pick a date NOW so I can start telling thunder bayners right away so they can book time off work, for optimum attencance. So, I'm going to need some feedback on this: I'd like to have it before Saille leaves for Indeonesia, and but after Gerard arrives.

siphonophorae [userpic]
by siphonophorae (ameinias)
at June 7th, 2006 (07:31 pm)

Heh, Waterloonians? My little brother is plotting to go to Waterloo U next year. I don't know if any of you are looking for a roommate or KNOW of anyone who would like to live with my awesome little brother, please let me (or him) know! Please pass this on to anyone who's going to/living in Waterloo who's not on livejournal.

Mi casa es tu casa
by ranic_dorson (ranic_dorson)
at May 31st, 2006 (10:21 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Warrior - 51st state album

Look! I've found live journal!
Anywho like I promised to Hannele and Saille last year I'd be more informative about my house parties. So here it is:
-My parents are expected to be leaving on a two week long trip on June the 7th.
-I may or may not have the house entirely to myself (my brother may also be leaving town with them)
-Close friends are totally welcome to come live over at my place. Close being defined as people who's phone numbers I know and use (not sure you are one of them? ask!). I only have so much food to feed people with.
-All other friends are welcome to come over for parties (dates will be posted in the future), planning on a deck party, some movie nights etc.
-Roudy drunkenness is not allowed (happy quiet drunks are fine). This party does not have the consent of my parents (as a matter of fact they will likely tell me not to have any people over right before they leave). So I'm aiming to keep things as low key as possible. So if you are causing problems/being stupid I'll call you a cab, pay for it and kick you out. Should an incident happen or should the neighbours let my parents know about this, it'll be my ass. So I'd rather avoid an incident rather than cover one up.
-One final note: should there be a phone call everyone hush up cause my parents do call and check in. Also should my Grandma pull a suprise visit make use of your 'hide and go seek' skills.

And that should be about everything for right now. Any other questions, go ahead and ask em. And otherwise wait for an update (please don't show up before I confirm the date my folks are leaving on)

Till then, Ciao and always remember to Enjoy life

Hannele Kormano [userpic]
by Hannele Kormano (blagh)
at May 13th, 2006 (03:08 pm)
current song: Select a Style!

Heyo, someone left their digital camera here at Krysta's. Now, I'll feel awfully silly if it's Krysta's camera, but me and Carla have the sneaking suspicion that it might be Gill's. The camera is a Kodak DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera, with 2.2 Mpixels.